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Top 5 Air Mattresses

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The popularity of air mattresses continues to grow because it has gone beyond its old label of being only a more comfortable alternative to sleeping bags. Now, there are portable air bed for cars, stationary ones for personal use, upscale and advanced air beds for those with very luxurious needs and high-quality air mattresses at a budget. This variety allows people to see the potential and value of air beds.

There are many standards like quality, cost, reviews, comfort and durability, that you can use to assess whether an air mattress is ideal for you or not. According to those general factors, this list compiles five of the best air mattresses available on the market. However if you want a more detailed review of air mattresses, check out this website.

  • Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Contrary to what most people imagine, air beds do not mean sleeping close to the floor. They can be put on top of a bed frame, but some air beds, like Insta-Bed, also come raised off the floor, giving you the same comfort as a traditional bed would. This bed also prioritizes your comfort level because it’s equipped with automatic controls that gives you the freedom to customize the firmness level of the bed with ease. This feature is backed by a circular coil system, supporting the structure of the bed, so it does not sag. Insta-Bed also comes with built-in pumps.

  • Coleman Premium Double Support Air Mattress

A lot of users trust this product because the brand Coleman is known to deliver high-quality products, and it does not disappoint with this one. This queen bed is equipped with an airtight system and a Double Lock Valve that keeps it inflated all night and even with daily use. It will need to be occasionally reinflated, which is to be expected, but not as often as most other brands would require.

It stands 18 inches off the floor, and the top is covered in soft suede, making it comfortable even if you use it without sheets. The bed endures up to 400 pounds without sagging, and comes with a built-in electric pump that’s easy to use.

  • SoundAsleep Dream Series

When in search for a comfortable air bed, look no further than the SoundAsleep Dream Series. It comes with 40 strategically placed coils that helps it retain its shape all through the night and lessens the possibility of sagging. SoundAsleep Dream Series also has a Sure Grip feature that stops it from moving around the room as you sleep. This also has a quick inflation process, making the job of setting it up or reinflating it less tedious.

  • AeroBed Classic Air Mattress

With 18-inches of mattress between you and the floor, you are sure to sleep comfortably. AeroBed Classic is supported by a coil technology that supports your weight and movements without sagging. It also comes with a hand held pump that you only need to attach to the bed until it reaches the firmness level that you please. AeroBed Classic comes in either a twin size or a queen size, so you can get one that best fits your room or bed frame.

  • Serta neverFLAT

With 35 circular coils that supports and levels the sleeping surface of the bed,  Serta neverFLAT assures you of a comfortable sleep without the worry of it sagging in the middle of the night. It come with two pumps, one to inflate and deflate the bed and another to quietly maintain the air pressure to your desired firmness or softness level all through the night – a technology Serta neverFLAT is most known for. The primary pump, which inflates it, also has an auto shut off mechanism that triggers when the bed has been inflated or deflated fully.